MacPaw Acquires The Unarchiver →

The Unarchiver is one of those macOS utilities that every power user should have on their machine. It can unpack just about any archived file you can come across, doing far more than Finder can on its own.

The free app has been rather stagnant over the last few years, but that is going to be changing, as MacPaw has purchased the application:

When MacPaw team found out that [the developer] has no time whatsoever to work on the app, we swooped in and seized the amazing opportunity: to keep The Unarchiver alive for the users. Since millions of people love it and rely on it, it would be truly sad to leave the app with no support for the future OS or with no design updates.

MacPaw developers hope to not only maintain, but improve the The Unarchiver. We plan a major facelift and a couple of new features. The app is going to get prettier and we’ll keep it updated for the upcoming macOS. Naturally, it will always stay free for all users.

I was thrilled to read this; The Unarchiver is in good hands.