On Removing the Facebook iOS App →

Miriam Kramer at Mashable uninstalled the Facebook app from her iPhone:

The initial desire to delete started with Facebook vacuuming up so much space and battery life on my (admittedly old) iPhone 6. But it quickly became clear that my actual, non-battery, capital-L Life was also better off not having Facebook a thumbtap away.

I don’t miss it. I don’t miss the weird sensation of unnecessary updates from ex-boyfriends and other assorted once-familiars. I don’t miss having my train time hijacked by being caught up in the political fights (or the rage-inducing comments that followed them).

I also don’t feel like I’m missing out on any kind of news at all, because let’s be honest, Facebook’s days of providing news of actual use are long behind it.

I like this. Like Kramer, I do not have the app installed, and so rarely visit it in Safari, I often forget I have an account. I really only do for work purposes, anyway.