Introducing Subnet, from Relay FM »

Today, we’re introducing Subnet, a new “Flash Briefing” podcast by, well, me.

The idea is simple: each episode is just a couple of minutes long, and in each one, I cover the three tech stories you should know. That’s it.

Subnet is made in partnership with Anchor, whose platform makes it easier than ever to create a podcast. Their new platform makes creating and hosting a podcast easier than ever, including getting a show listed in the various podcast players on the market.

Subnet is perfect for a quick listen as you’re getting ready for the day or find yourself in your kitchen doing a quick chore.

You can subscribe to Subnet within Anchor, or tell your Google Home “Play the news from Relay FM.”

If you have an Amazon Echo, enable the new Relay FM Alexa Skill, to have Subnet added to your Flash Briefing. (Here’s a link for the UK Alexa Skill.)

As always, you can check out Subnet on the Relay FM website, or in your podcast app of choice: