Q&A With Mark Zuckerberg →

I struggled to decide which answer I wanted to blockquote; almost all of them made me feel bad for the world.

Then I saw this one. Here’s the CEO of the world’s largest social media network:

I’ve said this already —but I think at this point that I clearly made a mistake by just dismissing fake news as “crazy”— as having an impact. People will analyze the actual impact of this for a long time to come, but what I think was clear at this point is that it was too flippant. I should have never referred to it as crazy.

Oh, and don’t miss this blog post, which shows the Cambridge Analytica data mishandling is way worse than first reported.

I strongly believe Facebook needs strict regulation at this point. And while I rarely say this sort of thing, I’m starting to think Zuckerberg isn’t capable of running this company.