The Molar Mac: Form and Function →

This month in my MacStories column, I wrote about what may be the ugliest Mac ever made:

Any nerd in their 20s or 30s probably remembers seeing one those colorful, curvy iMacs in school growing up. Their friendly design and relatively low cost – for a 90s Mac, at least – made them a staple in education for years.

I certainly saw and used my fair share of them in middle and high school, but I also got to experience the iMac G3’s weird older sibling, the Power Macintosh G3 All-in-One.

Yeah, the one that looks kind of like a big tooth.

It’s easy to joke about this computer. It wasn’t for sale for very long as it was quickly replaced as the iMac G3 replaced it in the education market, but it is a very interesting model worth remembering.