The World’s Largest Apple Collection Needs a New Home →

Francois Murphy and Leonhard Foeger for Reuters:

Over the years since he began working for a company that repaired Apples in Vienna in the 1980s, Roland Borsky’s collection has grown to roughly 1,100 computers, he says – far more than the 472 items at Prague’s Apple Museum, which says it is the world’s biggest private collection of Apple products.

“Just as others collect cars and live in a little box to afford them, so it is with me,” he said in his office, which is so packed with dusty items like a wall of old monitors that he has moved most of them to a warehouse outside the city.

Borsky’s Mac repair shop has struggled since an Apple Store opened up in Vienna, and he is looking for places to show his collection to generate income, but may be forced to sell it all off. That’s a real shame, and I hope these machines find a good home.