The Modern Hackintosh →

I haven’t done anything in the Hackintosh scene since I installed Mac OS X Leopard on a Dell Mini 9 nine years ago, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t kept up with that world. This video recently caught my eye:

In it, Quinn Nelson walks through a $1,400 machine that gives my $5,000 iMac Pro a run for its money, despite having a worse GPU and an i7 CPU.

Nelson points out that these numbers may come down to cooling. The tower in his video, complete with a liquid CPU cooler, can run its components much harder than the iMac Pro, as it has the thermal headroom to do so.

No, I’m not going to use this video to justify building a Hackintosh. While it does seem easier than ever, and they run services like iMessage and iCloud without much hassle at all, I like knowing that the machine I run my business on is going to be as solid as possible.

However, this video does have my wanting to see what Apple does with the Mac Pro next year. I’m sure we won’t see this machine hit the low price points it used to, but I wish it would. I would love iMac Pro performance in a tower that costs half of what the Space Gray machine on my desk cost me.