Apple Launches Clear iPhone XR Case [Updated] »

It costs $39 and looks pretty good, but why wasn’t it available at launch?

Update: John Gruber has one and has reviewed it:

Feel-wise it’s sort of half plastic-y, half rubbery. Plastic-y enough that it doesn’t stretch from the edges of the phone. Rubbery enough that it feels nice and grippy without being too grippy — it slides in and out of a jeans pocket easier than an Apple silicone case. Unlike any of Apple’s other iPhone cases, there is a very slight lip around the camera cutout on this case. I don’t know why, but it means the phone doesn’t quite sit flush back-down on a flat surface. My best guess is that the case is so thin it needs the lip lest the camera bump jut out.

He closes with this:

It’s so good it makes me wonder why Apple doesn’t make clear cases like this one for the iPhone XS and XS Max.

Myke said the same thing on Connected yesterday. I think a clear case on the gold iPhone XS would look sweet.