A Tour of Some Weird iPad Stands 

Federico recently wrote about how a nice iPad stand can make the device much more usable in certain situations. That got me thinking about checking some out, and I discovered Amazon has some real weird ones for sale.

nbryte Tablift Tablet Stand

  • Price: $39.95
  • Compatibility: Basically any tablet less than 10 mm thick.
  • Pros: Super flexible.
  • Cons: This thing is just waiting to kill you in your sleep.

ieGeek Tablet Phone Stand

  • Price: $19.99
  • Compatibility: iPads smaller than 10.2 inches in size.
  • Pros: Less murdery than the nbryte.
  • Cons: Looks like a tripod exploded.

iKross 2-in-1 Recipe Holder Stand

  • Price: $28.99
  • Compatibility: All iPads, the Surface Pro and the Nintendo Switch.
  • Pros: Clever idea for kitchen use.
  • Cons: Raw chicken juices all over your iPad.

JETech Floor Tablet Stand with Height-Adjustable Gooseneck and Toilet Paper Roll Holder

  • Price: $19.99
  • Compatibility: iPads smaller than 10.8 inches in size.
  • Pros: The whole “two birds with one stone thing.”
  • Cons: You’ll be single forever.

MagicHold 360º Turn Height Adjusting Stand

  • Price: $69.99
  • Compatibility: Pretty much any tablet out there.
  • Pros: Useful for people with limited mobility.
  • Cons: If you don’t have limited mobility, your friends will wonder about your life choices.

Magichold® 3 in 1 360º Rotating Height Adjustable Stand

  • Price: $199
  • Compatibility: Tablets and most laptops.
  • Pros: It’s on sale right now at $89.99.
  • Cons: It would still cost you $89.99