Connected #234: Photo Manage Spotify Out of Existence »

This week, on a packed episode of Connected:

Stephen introduces his co-hosts to a groundbreaking iPad drawing application, Federico starts a new mini-series and Myke buries the lede concerning Spotify.

It was one of those weeks where we had to burn down the show prep document the day of recording, but I think this came out well. The Spotify story is endlessly fascinating, and doesn’t have to devolve into a flame war, believe it or not.

We also announce the return of my favorite merch of all time:

We believe that technology should be for everyone, not just us nerds. Good technology gets better when everyone can use it, and we like to be reminded of that. To that end, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to App Camp for Girls.

The t-shirt will be on sale for just 14 days, and the stickers are limited in number. We would love if you would check them out.

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