CalZones →

It seems like a rarer and rarer occurrence that a new iOS app can make a big difference in my daily work, but Underscore’s new “timezone savvy calendaring” app has done it. Here’s Smith, introducing the app on his blog:

CalZones is a calendaring app built from the ground up to be smart about managing timezones. It starts by letting you choose a list of the zones that are relevant to you and then all aspects of the app tailor themselves into making it easy to coordinate between those timezones.

I think I have tried every single timezone app I’ve found for iOS, but this one gets it right, as Federico Viticci writes:

Perhaps you’re planning a Skype call with three more people, each living in a different time zone; maybe you have to coordinate a product launch and need to know at a glance what “3 PM GMT” means for your customers in New York, San Francisco, Rome, and Sydney. CalZones, the latest app by _David Smith, is the first iOS app I’ve ever used that fundamentally gets how people work and schedule events across multiple time zones. It’s almost like CalZones was made specifically for me, and it’s an app that speaks directly to my heart.

CalZones is on the App Store now for $4.99. If you work across multiple time zones, it’s going to make your life a whole lot better.