macOS Catalina Public Beta

Looks like today’s the day for the macOS Catalina Public Beta. You can learn more and enroll here.

I know this gets said every year, but at this point, unless you need to be running the next version of macOS for your work or cool side project, it’s never a bad idea to give these early betas more time in the oven before moving to them.

There’s a lot to this macOS release, so don’t miss Jason Snell’s excellent look at the release:

Catalina takes the Mac in a new direction. I’m encouraged by the fact that Apple is cranking up its focus on security and privacy without locking Mac users out from running the software they want, when they want to. I’m of the belief that the introduction of Catalyst will result in the influx of some really good software from thousands of iOS developers who have been using the Mac all this time without the wherewithal to develop software for it.

But it’s also a time of transition, and with every transition comes some frustration. I’m concerned that Apple’s apps—both Catalyst and non-Catalyst—show inconsistent approaches to how Mac apps should behave, when they should instead be exemplars of the platform. Fortunately, Apple has all summer to tighten the bolts and re-think some of the assumptions of the spring. Here’s hoping that by the fall macOS will all be a bit more ship shape, ready to sail off to the island of Catalina.