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UpHabit​ makes building and maintaining strong relationships with the people you care about part of your daily routine.

We all lead busy lives. Often pulled in several directions at once with an ever-growing list of personal and business contacts, it’s easy to fall out of touch with people. UpHabit solves the problem with a powerful set of tools that help you maintain strong, healthy relationships with your most important contacts.

With UpHabit, you can take control of creating stronger personal or business relationships with features like:

  • The ability to set reminders to keep in touch with people.
  • A place to take notes so conversations start right where you left off.
  • Reminder snoozing that delegates reaching out to contacts to days when your schedule’s less packed.
  • Tagging to help organize your contacts.

It’s incredibly easy to get started and begin enjoying the benefits of stronger relationships immediately with UpHabit.

UpHabit is constantly updated with new features drawn directly from user feedback. Look out for new features like message templates, two-way contact syncing, and more coming soon.

Of course, privacy is of paramount importance to UpHabit too. The app doesn’t have ads, and your contacts data isn’t shared with third parties.

Make connecting with your most important contacts part of your daily routine. ​Download UpHabit now​ to try it for free, and for a limited time, you can get 60% off when you sign up for any of UpHabit’s subscription plans.