Overcast 2020.1 →

Marco Arment, writing about the newest version of Overcast, which includes an updated version of Voice Boost and now supports AirPlay 2:

When I wrote the original Voice Boost with only a rudimentary understanding of audio processing, it was a single configuration of Apple’s AudioUnits that applied a fixed set of parameters to all podcasts, regardless of their audio characteristics. It was an effective but blunt tool, relying on aggressive level compression and a strong EQ to make the compression less noticeable.

Since then, I’ve edited over 500 podcasts, learned a lot more about how to master them properly, and developed a much better understanding of audio signal processing.

I’ve been really impressed with this in beta. If you listen to podcasts with just your iPhone speaker, I think you’re going to be surprised how much louder and clearer shows will sound now.