Kbase Article of the Week: Newton OS 2.0: Newton Connection Utility Alternatives →

Another week, another Q&A-style Apple support document:

I am trying to find an alternative to the Newton Connection Utility for the Newton OS 2.0. What software is available?

For importing or exporting data from third-party applications on your Macintosh or Microsoft Windows computer, the solution depends on what product you are trying to import or export from. For some applications you will need a utility specific to the desktop application (Now Synchronize or Lotus Notes).
If you are transferring text to or from the Notepad, there are a variety of third-party solutions, for example DragNet, NoteThing, Slurpee, the Revelar Connection Utility, and X-Port. Slurpee connects to any desktop computer which supports a terminal emulator, X-Port connects to Windows and Macintosh computers.

The Newton 2.0 OS compatible Newton Connection Utility, available later in 1996 for both Microsoft Windows and Macintosh computers, will allow other applications to transfer data to and from your Apple MessagePad device.