Jason Snell, on the new MacBook Air »

I’m so happy that with 2020 MacBook Air, Apple finally has a notebook that anyone could recommend without any major caveats.

Snell has his hands on one, and his review is great. The bit about the processor is not something you want to miss:

If there’s a hint of things to come in my test results, though, it’s the performance of the iPad Pro. This isn’t the new 2020 model that’s due out next week, either—it’s the third-generation iPad Pro that was released the same day as the first Retina MacBook Air model. The 2018 iPad Pro was faster in single-core performance and 70 percent faster in multi-core performance.

Even if we accept that macOS and iPadOS are different beasts and that a Mac built around Apple’s own A-series processors wouldn’t necessarily score quite as high, it’s a clear sign that Apple’s state of the art iPad processor from 18 months ago is faster than the mid-range MacBook Air processor today.

The charts in his post really tell the whole story.