Bloomberg: ARM Macs Coming in 2021 →

Mark Gurman, Debby Wu and Ian King:

The Cupertino, California-based technology giant is working on three of its own Mac processors, known as systems-on-a-chip, based on the A14 processor in the next iPhone. The first of these will be much faster than the processors in the iPhone and iPad, the people said.

Apple is preparing to release at least one Mac with its own chip next year, according to the people. But the initiative to develop multiple chips, codenamed Kalamata, suggests the company will transition more of its Mac lineup away from current supplier Intel Corp.

These chips, according to the report, will be fabricated by TSMC on a 5-nanometer process, and would utilize the same approach Apple has on its mobile devices, pairing high-performance with high-efficiency cores:

The first Mac processors will have eight high-performance cores, codenamed Firestorm, and at least four energy-efficient cores, known internally as Icestorm. Apple is exploring Mac processors with more than 12 cores for further in the future, the people said.

In some Macs, Apple’s designs will double or quadruple the number of cores that Intel provides. The current entry-level MacBook Air has two cores, for example.

I am excited about this, despite having a Xeon-powered Mac Pro under my desk as I type.