New Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro Available for Pre-Order on Amazon

I didn’t expect this, but here they are, in both 11-inch and 12.9-inch sizes.1 Amazon doesn’t list a ship date, but Apple has said the new keyboard/trackpad combo will arrive in May.

These pages show the weights of the new keyboards at 1.81 pounds (822 grams) for the small one, and a whopping 2.41 pounds (1,093 grams) for the 12.9-inch model.

If we assume that these weights include the iPads in their totals (and doesn’t include the box), the new Magic Keyboards should weigh in at:

  • 11-inch: .77 pound (349 grams)
  • 12.9-inch: 1 pounds (453 grams)

The existing Smart Keyboard Folios are 297 and 407 grams, according to 9to5 Mac. Those were heavier than their predecessors as well, by 52 and 67 grams, respectively.

(For comparison, the Brydge Pro+ keyboards, which include trackpads, weigh 1.14 pounds or 550 grams and 1.51 pounds or 690 grams.)

If those Amazon numbers don’t include the iPad, but the box, the true weight may still be unknown.

No matter what the final numbers are, I think these things are going to make the iPad Pro more like a laptop than ever in terms of weight. Maybe this is why Apple hasn’t wanted to talk about this.

It’s fun to spend an evening obsessing over this instead of the news, right?

  1. Yes, those are totally Amazon affiliate links ;)