16-inch MacBook Pro Gets New GPU Option; Mac Pro Owners Can Order SSD Upgrades →

Brian Heater at TechCrunch:

One the notebook front, the 16-inch model gets an additional graphics configuration. The addition of the AMD Radeon Pro 5600M GPU marks the best graphics performance yet for the notebook line, marking up a 75-percent speed increase over the the next-highest configuration, the Radeon Pro 5500M.

And it’s priced to match. The 5500M with 8GB of memory is a $100 premium over the system’s $2,799 base. The 5600 with 8GB of HBM2 memory, on the other hand, will run an extra $700. But if you’re going to go for the top of the line, you might as well really go for the top of the line, right?

If you need the most power you can get out of a Mac notebook, that $700 will go a long way.

There’s news for us Mac Pro users, too. Later today, Apple will have SSD modules for sale for upgrading the internal storage.

Update: The SSDs are up. An 8 TB kit will set you back $2,800.