Report: New iMac Coming →

Sonny Dickson, with some fun iMac news:

The current iMac design was unveiled way back in 2012, and while I still think the all-in-design is great for a lot of users, there’s no doubt that it could use a refresh. Adapting the Pro Display XDR’s design to the iMac would be sweet.1

However, the inside of the iMac also is need in an overhaul. The iMac is the only shipping Mac without the T2 security chip, and the only one that ships with spinning hard drives. It’ll be nice to see the iMac modernized.

How this works with today’s report in Bloomberg that the ARM Mac transition is going to be announced at WWDC. I would be really surprised if any ARM Macs ship this summer, but why wouldn’t they want to usher in a new design with the new chipset? When Apple switched to Intel, most of the new Macs looked like their outgoing PowerPC siblings,2 but that doesn’t have to the be the case this time.

  1. Just as sweet? A new external 5K display… 
  2. Other than the MacBook, which replaced the 12- and 14-inch iBook G4.