Introducing Bear Left (Right Frog) »

Today, I’m launching a new podcast on The Incomparable with my friend Quinn Rose. Each month, we’ll be watching and re-capping a Muppet film.

Naturally, we’ll be going in chronological order, so up first is The Muppet Movie:

We’re searching for the Rainbow Connection in our first episode all about the 1979 film that turned a TV phenomena into a decades-long movie franchise: The Muppet Movie. Which jokes are still perfect in 2020, and which ones required a search engine to get? How does Kermit ride a bicycle? Where is the line between a frog on the menu and our good friend Kermit? We are able to answer some of these questions.

We’d love it if you would check this out. It’s going to be a fun one. Here’s how to subscribe: