Jason Snell Launches “20 Macs for 2020” →

This morning, my buddy Jason Snell is launching a new project: “20 Macs for 2020,” in which he is covering what he thinks are the most notable Macs. The list will include good, weird and even bad computers.

He’s kicking off the list with the Power Mac G5.

In addition to a new post every Monday, 20 Macs for 2020 also lives as a podcast on Relay FM. On each episode, Snell talks to a group of Mac watchers and enthusiasts about the machine in question.

(Members of Upgrade or Six Colors get access to new episodes before the general public.)

In addition to that, Jason and I are co-hosting a video series on the 512 Pixels YouTube channel, where we’re talking about and showing off the hardware featured in the list:

I am really excited to be involved with this project, and I think everyone is going to really enjoy it.