Half a Million Dollars →

Last night, Relay FM’s campaign for St. Jude hit a major milestone: $500,000 raised in just two years.

Longtime readers will know I’ve raised money here on 512 Pixels for St. Jude every fall for years, but last year, we stepped it up a notch with our first Podcastathon, which proved to be the largest “podcast activation” for a non-profit fundraiser ever,1 raising $315,000 for the kids of St. Jude.

The second annual Podcastathon is just a few days away, on September 18. We’ll be streaming on Twitch from 2-8 PM Eastern.

In the meantime — and in the madness of planning this year’s all-remote show — I wanted to take a second and thank everyone who has taken part in this so far this year. It’s incredibly humbling to see how the greater Apple Nerd Community gets behind this every year. It means so much to me, my family and everyone at Relay.

See you Friday!

  1. Yes, we can agree the “activation” is a weird and terrible marketing term, but it is what it is.