Sponsor: Sidequest, the Missing Task Tracker for Slack »

Sidequest is a brand new task tracking app for Slack that combines the reliability of traditional ticketing systems and the ease of use of modern to do apps — 100% inside your Slack workspace.

Sidequest allows your team members to create tasks either for themselves, each other, or as a team task in public or private Slack channels. As soon as a task has been created, Sidequest turns into a single point of truth, so everyone is always on the same page regarding the task at hand, its history and its status.

It is great for transparently managing these little tasks that simply don’t seem to fit anywhere else, but it also shines when it comes to powering entire Slack-based helpdesks. It was released just four weeks ago, but is already loved by hundreds of teams around the world and currently being featured as one of the top three apps in the Slack App Directory.

If you want to use Sidequest, there is no need to install new software or to set up accounts, as Sidequest lives entirely inside Slack. And as Sidequest is made in Germany, your data and your users are fully protected by GDPR, one of the world’s strictest privacy laws.

Add the missing task manager to your Slack workspace today, and test Sidequest for 30 days free of charge by visiting getsidequest.app/512pixels and using promo code 512PIXELS.

To support National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Sidequest pledges to donate 50% of your subscription fees until the end of 2020 to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Start tracking your tasks in Slack and support St. Jude with Sidequest.