My iPhone 12 Pro Impressions

I plan on writing a full review of the iPhone 12 Pro, but wanted to share some impressions from my weekend with the new device.

  • The design is fantastic. I went with the silver finish, so my phone has very shiny stainless steel sides. They do pick up fingerprints, but they wipe away easily. I love the look of stainless steel, and even though it will definitely pick up dings and scratches, I think it ages nicely.
  • I hope we get years and years and years of flat-sided iPhones.
  • On AT&T here in Memphis, I haven’t experienced ultra wideband 5G, but I managed to see 148 Mbps down and 26 Mbps up on regular 5G. Inside my home, however, 5G is slower than LTE.
  • Again, on AT&T at least, the phone does show the “LTE” badge when using that network. I’ve heard from people that their phones always show 5G, even when clearly not reaching high speeds. Maybe it’s a Verizon thing?
  • MagSafe charging is cool. The clear case is … not good. I’ll pick up a leather case when they become available but now that it is jeans weather in Memphis, I’m going caseless.
  • The wide angle camera is better than the one on my 11 Pro, but it’s not wildly better. I initially thought I would order a 12 Pro Max for that jump in camera performance, but I decided I didn’t want to deal with the size.
  • In low light, focusing does seem faster thanks to the LiDAR sensor on the back of the phone, but it’s not a night-and-day difference.

This phone is very good.