Call Recorder is Dying; Oh No, Not I — I Will Survive →

Jason Snell:

On one level, the impending death of Call Recorder, a utility I’ve relied on for more than a decade, shouldn’t actually be a big deal. As useful and easy as it was, it’s not as if there aren’t alternatives.

In fact, if I’m being honest, Call Recorder hasn’t been my primary audio-recording tool for years. That distinction goes to Audio Hijack, which works with any app (not just Skype). But I have kept Call Recorder running for every Skype call I make, sometimes as my primary recorder, more often as a backup.

There’s a broader issue here, though.

Call Recorder not surviving the Apple silicon transition is a real bummer, as it was the easiest way to record but local audio and audio from a Skype call, all automatically.

However, like Jason, I’ve used Audio Hijack as my primary recording application for years. I’ve even replicated Call Recorder’s ability to record my audio and the Skype call as separate tracks:

Audio Hijack is seriously like magic, and I use it for far more than just recording my shows. However, Ecamm calling it quits has me looking at options besides Skype for recording my shows.

Zoom, here I come, probably.