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25 years ago, Apple introduced software named Newton Press:

Using an easy drag-and-drop method, Newton Press users can create electronic reference documents or Newton books from files on a Mac OS-based personal computer. These books are created by simply dropping files onto the Newton Press icon on the Macintosh, which automatically formats the document so it can be viewed on a Newton Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) such as the MessagePad. Newton Press supports a variety of word processing, text, or graphics documents supported by the Claris XTND technology for the Mac OS.

“The availability of Newton Press is a significant milestone in our endeavor to continue the positive momentum generated by Newton 2.0,” said Sandy Benett, acting vice president of Apple’s Newton Systems Group. “The numerous positive reviews and comments we’re receiving are a testament to the genuine viability of the Newton platform and bring us another step closer to making Newton PDAs the ubiquitous device they were envisioned to be.”

With Newton Press, mobile professionals and corporate customers can take advantage of the combined power of personal computers, enterprise information, and Newton PDAs to easily publish and distribute electronic documents. Word processing files, email messages, graphics and text blocks from Mac OS-based personal computers now can be readily available to reference, annotate, fax or print from the Newton PDA. These electronic documents can even be distributed to other Newton users, making Newton Press a perfect solution for mobile professionals needing to exchange and distribute data.

If you want to take a trip through the User Manual for Newton Press, this link is for you.