Sponsor: Soulver 3 for macOS →

Soulver 3 for macOS is a unique tool that brings the power of natural language processing, unit and currency conversions, calendar math and a whole lot more to the Mac in a native, rich application that integrates with system features including the command line, Automator, URL schemes and third-party services like Alfred.

I’ve been a Soulver user since … forever. It’s one of those Mac applications so wired into my workflow that I can’t imagine working without it. I use it for all sorts of administrative tasks, from verifying Relay FM membership payments to personal budgeting and more. The ability to bring in reference tokens from previous lines and setting up variables makes this work efficient and less error-prone, both of which are good things.

The best part for me is that I can simply type into Soulver, which makes tracking numbers visually really simple, without the overhead of creating a new spreadsheet every time I need to crunch some numbers.

Learn more and check out a 30-day trial over on the Soulver website.