Dreaming of WWDC

A few years ago, I started writing down my dreams in Day One. This morning’s entry shows what’s on my mind, I suppose.

We were all back at WWDC. Myke and I didn’t have press access, but several of our friends were able to talk Eddy Cue into it. This conversation took place near the theatre across the street from the middle school I attended.

We then went inside, and ran into Craig Federighi. He was tense and and seemed a little on edge. I asked him if he still got nervous before keynotes and he said he did. We then talked a little about sports and he brought out a soccer ball from behind the check-in desk.

He kicked it past me, and some other people started playing with it, so Myke, Ticci, John, Marco and I started to go into the venue. I turned around to see someone drill the ball right into Craig’s face with a powerful kick. As he fell to the ground, someone else returned the kick with one that sailed into a large glass panel, smashing it.

At this point, we decided to find seats in the back of the theatre and pretend we had no idea about what was going on in the lobby.

That didn’t last long, as a bloodied Craig and an angry Eddy found us pretty quickly. They took our credentials and told us they’d make an example out of Relay FM on stage, in front of the world.

As we left, my friends were mad at me, thinking the soccer ball thing had been my fault. I insisted Craig had produced the ball but no one believed me. We were taunted on the street as we walked out of the venue and back down the street.

I flew home the next day in shame.