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Coherence X4 allows you to turn any website into a chromium-powered app on your Mac. Simply pick a site, enter a name, and pick an icon, and Coherence will turn the app into an isolated application separate from your main browser.

Unlike resource hogging Electron apps, Coherence apps are fully powered and completely customizable. You can use the vast majority of Chrome extensions, customize app assets, and even use features like whitelisting to turn websites like Gmail into an email client that will bump links to your default browser.

Coherence X4

Coherence X4 includes a number of significant new features, including:

  • Microsoft Edge & Opera Support: You should never be forced to give your data to someone you don’t want to. In addition to Chrome, Canary, and Brave, X4 adds support for Edge and Opera.
  • Incognito apps – You can now combine the isolation benefits of Coherence with the privacy benefits of Incognito. Incognito apps always launch in Incognito, and will clear your data between sessions.
  • Quick Resume – Coherence X4 is the first Chrome-based SSB tool that behaves like a Mac app should. If you ever close a window in Coherence, it will return to where you left off when you click on the dock icon, as opposed to requiring a restart.
  • App Library – A new way to quickly install apps and manage created ones.
  • M1 – Coherence X4 is the first Chrome-based SSB tool built for M1.

You can use Coherence to do things like:

  • Create a Google Drive app that works as well as Chrome without having to use Chrome as your default browser
  • Create a desktop app for Roam Research, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Google Meet
  • Make a customizable app for Slack, Whatsapp, or any other electron-based app with the ability to add extensions or customize
  • Create isolated, incognito workspaces for multiple sites like your banking applications or email and messaging.

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