I just switched off this year’s St. Jude campaign. This year, the Relay FM community donated $701,220.26 to St. Jude. That puts us at $1.5 million raised in the last three years — which is an astonishing amount of money.

I owe a huge thank you to everyone who donated, as well as the Relay FM and St. Jude teams that help run the campaign every year. This is a team effort, and our team is simply the best.

St. Jude is in the business of treating and curing childhood cancer. In 2009, our oldest son was diagnosed with a brain tumor. His treatment at St. Jude saved his life, and the hospital didn’t charge our family a single cent for his care. That is thanks to donors around the world, and it’s a true honor to raise money each year for families who have had to follow in our footsteps.