My New Keyboard

Myke Hurley has been big into mechanical keyboards for over a year now, and we finally got together to build me my first custom keyboard. I have to say, I love how it turned out:

Keychron Q1

I started with the new Keychon Q1 in Navy Blue. To that, I added a full set of NovelKeys_ Silk Red switches. I was worried about how much force the keys would take to press, but these linear switches may be too light. I just have to brush a key for it to register, so I may end up swapping in something more robust.1

The real treasure here is the keycap set. As you can see, it has a real vintage Mac feel, which is what attracted me to them. The set is the Drop + biip MT3 Extended 2048, which is somehow in stock as I write this. I’m using a mix of regular and colorful modifier keys:

Modifer Keys

When we first built this, I was using more of the colorful modifiers, but in practice, they were a bit distracting, so I’ve opted to keep everything beige except Option, Command and Return. One word of warning: if you order this keycap set, the Accent Modifier kit doesn’t include all the modifier keys, so you need the beige set as well. This left me with a lot of extra keys, but I suppose that’s the price of having something so perfect on my desk.

Keychron Q1

  1. The only other change I plan on making right now is to swap out the dogcow badge with one that has a light orange background instead of black. That’s already on order.