Kbase Article of the Week: ClarisWorks: Week of Year Based on Fiscal Year →

Apple Support, kinda:1

Let’s say you would like to know what week of the year a certain date falls on. FileMaker Pro and ClarisWorks both have a WeekofYear function which returns the number of weeks from January 1 based on a supplied date. If you want to calculate the number of weeks starting at a date other than January 1, as in a fiscal year beginning date, you can use the following calculation given your file contains the field ProjectDate:

Week of Year (calculation, number result) = INT ((ProjectDate - Date (3,1,Year (ProjectDate)))/7)+1

The Date function is where the start date is formed. In this example, the start date is 3/1 of the year of the ProjectDate.

  1. According to Apple, the information in this document “was provided by Claris Corporation on 16 March 1998, and incorporated into Apple Computer’s Tech Info Library.”