Apple Could Get Me to Switch to Reminders With This One Weird Trick

I’ve attempted to move from Todoist to Apple’s Reminders app a few times over the years. I’ve always hit some bit of friction, then returned to the third-party option.

With macOS and iOS 16, Reminders gains some powerful smart list features that I am really excited about. However, there is one small feature that still keeps me from switching.

There is no way to have Reminders show a badge for a task due Today.

Currently, Reminders only picks up a badge when a task becomes overdue. That’s fine, but every single third-party task manager I have every tried — and I’ve tried almost all of them — include Today tasks in their badge, either by default or by preference.

I use this feature as a way to quickly and easily see how much I have left to accomplish on any given day. It’s useful on my Mac, but critical on my iPhone. Not everyone works this way, but I do, and I think a lot of other people do too.

I would love the Reminders team to add this ability.1 If the app let me see my number Overdue + Today tasks via the badge, I’d switch in a heartbeat.

Related Feedback Number: FB9162936

Update: As of iOS 16 Beta 3, there is a new option in Settings to have Reminders show a badge for items due Today, regardless of the time they are due. I LOVE IT.

  1. As many people have pointed out to me since publishing this, a setting to let the badge match what shows in the Today view in the app would solve this issue.