Sponsor: MarsEdit 4 →

MarsEdit 4 is a native Mac interface to WordPress and other blogging systems that focuses on one thing: blogging! As WordPress gets increasingly complicated with an emphasis on BLOCKS and whole-site design, MarsEdit sticks to the classic idea that:

  1. There would be an editor.
  2. You could write in it.
  3. You could publish it to your blog.

That’s exactly how I want to use WordPress, and it’s why I use MarsEdit to publish every single word that shows up on 512 Pixels.

If you’re annoyed by the increasing complexity of WordPress’s browser-based editor, download MarsEdit and give it a try. It’s the “Cadillac” of classic editors. You’ll see why many of the best bloggers in the Apple ecosystem rely on MarsEdit’s native, reliable, intuitive Mac interface.