On Downloading Ventura

Like many pervious versions of macOS, you can create a USB install disk with in just a few steps. I like having these on hand for troubleshooting or quicker installations.

Ventura Installer

As before, creating a USB Installer requires downloading a full copy of macOS Ventura from Apple. This can be done via the Mac App Store if you are already running Ventura. If not, your Mac may only download the delta update. As of the initial version of macOS Ventura, the full installer is about 12 GB.

Alternatively, Apple hosts the full installer package on its website. Mr. Macintosh maintains a page with links to various versions of macOS. This guarantees you’ll have the full OS on hand.

These direct links point to a .pkg file, not the “Install macOS Ventura” application you may have expected. In Finder, a quick double-click will unpack it and put the installer application in your Applications folder.