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Everyone knows that they should be backing up their computer, and Backblaze is an easy and secure way to back up docs, music, photos, videos, drawings, projects — all of your data. Files can be accessed via the mobile Backblaze app on iOS and Android, as we as Backblaze’s excellent website. If you experience a drive failure, Backblaze lets you download your files, or you can restore via mail, with a hard drive full of your data gets shipped to your door.

They’re good at this; Backblaze has restored 55 billion files for their customers. And they have nearly two exabytes of data storage under management and
counting — that’s almost 2,000,000,000 gigabytes.

You can download a free, fully-featured trial at backblaze.com/512pixels. Unlimited computer backup for Macs and PCs starts at just $7/month. Backblaze is a lot of peace of mind for such a low cost.