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Record any audio, with Audio Hijack. Whether you want to save audio from individual applications like Safari or Skype, hardware audio devices like microphones and mixers, and even the entire system audio output, Audio Hijack can handle it. Simply put, if it can be heard on MacOS, Audio Hijack can record it. Use it to:

  • Record conversations from Skype, Zoom, and other VoIP apps
  • Save streaming audio from the web
  • Create podcasts, both remote and in-studio
  • Digitize vinyl
  • And so much more

Audio Hijack

Noted tech writer Stephen Hackett has declared Audio Hijack “the best audio recording tool available for macOS, and … it just keeps getting better.” Who are we to disagree?

Visit our website to learn more and download a free trial of Audio Hijack 4. You’ll be glad you did!