Apple’s Self Service Repair Program Expanded →

The program now covers the M1 iMac, M1 Mac mini, Mac Studio and Studio Display.

With this comes a new batch of Repair Manuals, which I naturally downloaded and looked through. I love this exploded view of my beloved Mac Studio:

Mac Studio Exploded View

Here’s what all of those parts are:

  1. Bottom cover screw pad
  2. Bottom cover screw pad adhesive strips
  3. Bottom cover
  4. Power supply
  5. Bus bar insulator cover
  6. Internal frame
  7. Internal frame plate
  8. Antenna 2
  9. Antenna 3
  10. SDXC card slot board
  11. SDXC card slot board flex cable
  12. SDXC card slot board connector cowling
  13. SDXC card slot board connector cowling
  14. Front USB-C ports connector cowling
  15. Front USB-C ports
  16. Front USB-C ports bracket
  17. Back Thunderbolt 4 ports connector cowling
  18. Back Thunderbolt 4 ports (2)
  19. Ethernet board
  20. Ethernet board connector cowling 1
  21. Ethernet board flex cable
  22. Ethernet board connector cowling 2
  23. Power cord port
  24. Combination input/output board
  25. Power button
  26. Combination input/output board connector cowling
  27. HDMI flex cable
  28. USB-A flex cable
  29. Combination input/output board connector cowling
  30. Bus bar
  31. SSD module cover included with a replacement SSD module
  32. SSD modules (flash storage)
  33. Power supply signal cable
  34. Speaker
  35. Logic board
  36. Antenna 1
  37. Fan
  38. Housing

Compared to this thing, the inside of the Mac mini is downright simple.