Sponsor: The Weather Machine, by Hello Weather →

The Weather Machine is a new unified API for weather forecast data. If you need to build weather info into your app, this service will save you a ton of time and complexity.

Weather Machine

You’ll get a single modern interface for the best data providers on Earth. You can write just one integration with modern REST or GraphQL endpoints, and get highly accurate global forecasts from The Weather Company, AccuWeather, AerisWeather and many other sources.

The Weather Machine also makes every provider drop-in compatible with Dark Sky’s API. If you’re already using Dark Sky, you can switch over in minutes!

The Weather Machine is battle-tested in the real world — it was built as the platform that powers the excellent weather app Hello Weather. It handles hundreds of thousands of real-time requests every day, with rock solid availability and performance. Plus, its built-in caching system can cut your data usage up to 50% — with zero configuration required.

With usage-based pricing and no contracts, it’s a breeze to get started. Check out https://weathermachine.io and sign up today for early access.