Bluetooth Database Spills the Beans on New Macs →

Rumors about that new 15-inch MacBook Air and the future Mac Pro keep heating up, as Joe Rossignol reports:

Apple this week filed a new listing in the Bluetooth Launch Studio database, a move that sometimes foreshadows the launch of new products. The filing does not mention any specific products, but it lists the latest Bluetooth 5.3 standard and references a prior macOS-related listing, suggesting the filing could be related to upcoming Macs.

Apple is rumored to be planning new versions of the MacBook Air and the Mac Pro for release in the first half of 2023. The new MacBook Air is expected to feature a larger 15-inch display and the M2 chip, while the new Mac Pro is expected to have the same design as the 2019 model with a new M2 Ultra chip. Both new Macs could be announced as early as March or April, potentially alongside the release of macOS 13.3. However, there remains a possibility that the new Macs will not be announced until WWDC in June or later.

Bluetooth 5.3 is present in a bunch of new Apple hardware, including the new M2-based MacBook Pros and the M2 Mac mini. It is not present on the M2 MacBook Air introduced last year. That machine ships with Bluetooth 5.0.