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Boom 2 is a professional audio app that transforms the sound quality of your Mac. With its cutting-edge 31-band equalizer with 20dB Gain Control, Volume Booster, and unique Audio Effects, it offers a personalized and unmatched audio experience.

The 31-band equalizer gives you complete control to adjust every detail of your audio and craft the perfect sound. At the same time, the volume booster takes your audio to new heights, increasing the volume beyond your system’s limits.

Boom 2

Boom 2’s audio effects, including ambient sound, increased fidelity, and pitch shift, breathe new life into your audio. Additionally, the stereo sound control feature allows you to increase the width of the stereo field and adjust the balance of the left and right channels with ease.

The app also offers sample rate control, file boosting, and wireless control through the ‘Boom Remote’ app installed on your iPhone or iPad.

“Boom remains a must-have utility for me on my Mac laptop, and its improvements make it all the better.” – Serenity Caldwell, iMore

“It truly feels right at home on Apple’s new OS, almost like Apple designed it.” – Owen Williams, The Next Web

Enjoy the best listening experience on your Mac with Boom 2. Try it for free today!