Kbase Article of the Week: PowerBook G3 Series (Bronze keyboard): How to Differentiate From Other PowerBook G3 Series Computers →

Whoever was assigned to task to write a support article explaining the differences between the PowerBook G3 models drew the short straw that week at Kbase HQ:

This article describes the differences between the PowerBook G3 Series (Bronze keyboard) introduced in May, 1999, and earlier PowerBook G3 Series computers.

There are a number of visual cues for distinguishing the new PowerBook G3 Series.

They are:

  • The keyboard and trackpad button have a bronze or mocha color.
  • The inside display bezel has a white Apple logo at the top.
  • The rear ports are all enclosed by the I/O door and the modem port is now in the rear of the unit.
  • There are two USB ports.
  • It has a single, manual eject PC card slot which supports Type I and II PC cards.
  • The display clamshell latch mechanism release is on the base of the PowerBook instead of the clamshell.