Apple Unveils new Tysons Corner Store →

Apple Tysons Corner in Virginia was one of the first two Apple Stores to open back in May 2001. This week, it is reopening in a new location and features a new design that brings back an old friend. Michael Steeber has details:

Today, Apple revealed its most comprehensive redesign of the Apple Store experience in nearly a decade. The Genius Bar is returning with a reimagined design. There’s an all-new space for more immersive product discovery. Store accessibility has been improved, and new design elements emphasize sustainability. It was 22 years ago at Tysons Corner that Steve Jobs showed the world how to “Shop Different.” Now Apple is back in the mall where it all began to start a new chapter.

Genius Bar support has been fundamental to the Apple Store experience since day one, and now Apple is once again creating a dedicated, identifiable space within the store for customers to find solutions. At the new Apple Tysons Corner, the Genius Bar is located exactly where it was in the first Apple Store — the far right corner. The new bar is built into an alcove lined with wood credenzas attached to backstage. Sitting and standing counters enhance accessibility.

Just look at this thing; I love how this looks:

Genuis Bar at Apple Tysons Corner

As Steeber points out, Apple hasn’t built a new Genius Bar since The Great Apple Store Redesign of 2015. I am glad it’s back, and I hope it’s more than a one-off for this special retail location.