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There is some sad news in the blogging world today. Alex Williams at The New York Times:

Heather Armstrong, the breakout star behind the website Dooce, who was hailed as the queen of the so-called mommy bloggers for giving millions of readers intimate daily glimpses of her odyssey through parenthood and marriage, as well as her harrowing struggles with depression, died on Tuesday at her home in Salt Lake City. She was 47.

Pete Ashdown, her longtime partner, who found her body in the home, said the cause was suicide.

I met Heather a couple of times over the years, as we graduated from the same high school — albeit a decade apart — and I’ve got family members who are friends with her parents. She was one of the first people I read on the Internet who really had her own voice, and it’s clearly one that had plenty of pain mixed in with the joys of life, as Andy Baio wrote today:

Maybe it’s appropriate that she leaves a complicated legacy. Life is hard and messy, sad and angry, dark and beautiful, miserable and hopeful, all at once.