Kbase Article of the Week: Update your iMac Pro for Improved Compatibility in Boot Camp →

Apple Support:

iMac Pro Update for Boot Camp improves the compatibility of iMac Pro with Apple mice, keyboards, and trackpads when running Windows 10 through Boot Camp.

Additionally, iMac Pro Update for Boot Camp addresses these compatibility issues on iMac Pro computers running macOS High Sierra 10.13.6:

  • Problems switching from Windows to macOS using the Apple System Tray
  • Apple Control Panel not launching from the Apple System Tray
  • Custom keys for adjusting brightness, volume, and media playback not working
  • Missing indicators when pairing Bluetooth devices

Start your iMac Pro in Windows, then use Apple Software Update to install iMac Pro Update for Boot Camp and any other available updates.

I find it hard to believe the iMac Pro was announced almost six years ago.