Mimestream 1.0 Launches →

Neil Jhaveri, writing about my favorite email client for the Mac:

Mimestream combines the power of macOS with Gmail’s advanced features for a new kind of email client that lets you move through your email effortlessly. Unlike other email clients that use the decades-old IMAP protocol, Mimestream uses the Gmail API for a new kind of lightning-fast experience that’s full of features. Built using the latest technologies from Apple, using Mimestream is a breath of fresh air that you’ll see and feel.

Today’s launch culminates a public beta of over 2 years, with more than 167,000 users joining the beta. During this time, we released 220+ updates, made 2500+ improvements, added 100+ new features, and grew the company from a solo founder to a team of 5. Mimestream is mature, reliable, ready to take on your most serious email workloads, and will continue improving.

I’ve been using Mimestream for most of its beta, for both my personal Gmail account and my work Google accounts. It’s fantastic, and an insta-buy for me. I know it doesn’t support iCloud and other email providers, but if you’re in Google Land, this is the way to go.