Exploring an eWorld Promotional Mailer

An anonymous 512 Pixels reader recently mailed me something amazing — a promotional mailer for eWorld, dating back to 1994. In the package was a set of 3.5-inch eWorld 1.0 installer disks, the “Apple Online Service Subscriber Agreement” and an amazing brochure for eWorld.

Let’s start with the envelope and the Subscriber Agreement:

eWorld Mailer Envelope

Apple Online Service Subscriber Agreement

You can click on any image in this post to view a full-sized version.

Now let’s move onto the real treat of the brochure itself. The outer cover included some simple artwork, and on the back, a customized registration number and password to get started. I’ve redacted the specifics on this particular brochure so no time travelers can steal eWorld from the original recipient:

eWorld Brochure Outer Cover

The inner pages of the brochure both encouraged and educated would-be customers:

eWorld Brochure Inner Page 1

eWorld Brochure Inner Page 2

The whole thing folded out, walking people through the five-step process that was required to get their eWorld account up and running:

eWorld Brochure Inner Page 3

If you want to learn a lot more about eWorld and the other services Apple has offered over the years, the 2024 Apple History Calendar is full of facts and trivia about this very subject. It’s available on Kickstarter now.