Welcome to the Wild World of HomePod mini Stands

On today’s episode of Connected, Federico talked about a HomePod mini base he recently purchased that includes a 10000mAh battery for using the small speaker outdoors. I ordered one, looking forward to enjoying the situations shown off in the product’s silly photography:

PlusAcc for HomePod Mini Battery Base

This led me down a road I didn’t expect to travel, exploring the wild world of weird HomePod mini stands. Here are some of my favorites:

Up first, we have the BELIEFLUO Outlet Shelf Holder, Bathroom Decor with Built-in Cable Management,A Space Saving Solution for Homepod Mini,Google Home/Echo/Smart Speakers/Electric Toothbrush/Cell Phone (Decora). This product screws into an outlet cover and provides a shelf for your HomePod mini to sit on, all safe and sound:


While we’re considering how to mount a HomePod mini near an outlet, let’s take a look at the $13.99 LeongLzt Ouligei Top-Notch Quality Homepod Mini Wall Mount Holder, Homepod Mini Plug Mount with in-Built Cable Management System, No Screws Needed – an Elegant Space Saving Accessory:

LeongLzt mount

I’m not sure I would trust an outlet to hold the weight of a HomePod mini, but that’s where the TotalMount Compatible with HomePod Mini – Hole-Free Design Eliminates The Need to Drill Holes in Your Wall (Premium White – Hole-Free Mount) comes in. As outlined in the name, this mount gives you yet another option for attaching a HomePod mini to your wall: adhesive tabs!


If adhesive tabs aren’t your thing, you can always just screw a mount right into your wall.

If all of these products just aren’t murdery enough for you, may I suggest you check out the Madatop Stand for Homepod Mini, ABS Holder Tripod with Robot Shape, Safe Stable Mount with Anti-Slip Silicone Pad Protects Home pod Mini Speaker Well, a $26 HomePod mini stand complete with adjustable robot legs:

Madatop stand

I am afraid of this one.