iTunes Movie Trailers Taken Offline →

As noted by Chance Miller at 9to5Mac, Apple has pulled the plug on its iTunes Movie Trailers website and app after starting the process earlier in August.

This website had been around a long time. It made big news back in the late 1990s when it hosted the trailer for STAR WARS: Episode I. Here’s a press release from that era:

The popularity of the STAR WARS: Episode I trailer has set an Internet record with over 3.5 million downloads since it first premiered on the joint Lucasfilm/Apple web site (reachable through or last Thursday, March 11.

Jim Ward, director of marketing for Lucasfilm, said, “We’re thrilled with the fans’ response. Apple’s QuickTime software provided us with the highest quality and enabled us to push Internet video to its limits.”

Steve Jobs, Apple’s interim CEO stated, “Over three and a half million downloads in five days makes this the biggest Internet download event in history. Apple is proud to have participated in this online experience of the new Star Wars movie.”

Visiting now redirects to the TV app, complete with a banner that harkens back to the old site:

Trailers in TV app